Three Network Meltdown

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Yesterday saw the already small and unpopular network, probably become all the more unpopular as seemingly 1000’s of its paying customers were unable to make or receive calls or texts and then seem to have been receiving random messages from unknown senders and companies or banks they have nothing to do with what can only be described as the biggest network meltdown of 2017 so far!

Three UK is the smallest network in the UK and has for many years since the dawn of 4G been in decline since its entire brand was focused on 3G and it never seemed to bring itself fully into the age of superfast 4G data services.

Today saw 1000’s of Threes customers unable to make or receive calls from their mobile phones, as well as being unable to use any Data services during the outage which reportedly was still causing issues 8 hours after it was first reported.

With the amount of national coverage this massive muck up on Threes part, you would expect them to be reporting exactly what was wrong and what they were doing to fix it but, it seems that Three opted for a far more evasive technique responding to pretty much all customers who commented on Twitter with:

This sort of poses the question, what on earth was their entire engineering team where doing while all of this was going on?

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