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SteJay is immensely proud of its sponsors, the people who help all the magic of SteJay possible. Without our sponsors there is no way we’d be able to do many of the things we’re able too or bring you many of the stories, photos & events we do.

Alongside their details being featured around the site, here and there, we’d like to give a shout out too all of our awesome sponsors right here, all in one place.

We reach out to local businesses who have an affinity for what SteJay is passionate about rather than using Google ads because we believe this way, we’re able to bring you great content with even more bespoke and relevant products, services & businesses which you actually have interest in, rather than just generic boring ads that no one cares about!

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JMD Detailing | A Passion For Perfection.

JMD Detailing - vehicle detailing in the northeast

JMD Detailing is a well known, local detailing company based out of Blyth but serving much of the greater North Tyneside area. Their results are second to none! Just check out their Facebook Photos! At SteJay We love nothing more than that Showroom shine & this, in our opinion is the BEST place to get it!

What JMD Detailing Offer:

  • Paint Enhancement
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Interior Cleaning & Protection
  • A fully insured, bespoke service.

Contact JMD Detailing:

Tel: 07572 444196

Email: [email protected]

Faebook: Facebook.com/jmddetailing

Website: www.jmddetailing.co.uk