Our New Website | Creating a truly social website with users in mind

Its been a long time coming but we have finally got round to making the next generation of SteJay! Our new website has lots of awesome features to make it more use friendly & engaging. I am particularly proud of the integration of social elements, making it finally possible for you to really get involved with our site!

To name a few features we have added,

  • Reactions – now you can react to every post on the site using one of the emojis which we have created for you, when ever you react, that gets stored and once a few people react, it gets added to that emojis category on our home page and becomes accessible through the emoji located at the top of the homepage which looks like this:

New Website Reaction navigation

the reaction buttons at the bottom of each page look like this:

New Website reaction options

the number indicates how many people have voted for each thing, in this screenshot, the yellow buttons are ones I have pressed for this article.

  • Ratings – whenever you vote a post up or down, this is stored this is how the site automatically chooses what is hot, trending or popular making it easier for you to find the best content on the site! ¬†The rating options are located just beside the social buttons:

New Website Ranking system

The rating system helps you show what you really love and when used with our reaction system, allows for truly social content to exist within the platform.

  • Automated Newsletter – we have created a new Automated newsletter which will keep you informed of new posts on our website as and when they happen. We have set this up to avoid spam so it will only email you once a day. You can sign up to the newsletter from any page, you’ll see this box appear in the sidebar.

New Website MAiling list

We have also built in a new social profile which we will be announcing and launching in the coming weeks so more on that in the very near future!

We really hope you love our new website as much as we do and will be working on new features in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if there is something missing which you’d really like to see or something that isn’t working, please get in touch with us via the comment section below or on Facebook, G+ or Twitter!


Jay Gordon-Rolfe
#Blogger, #Proud #Gay, Fiancé to @StevieG26, #Awesome #Autistic & creator of #Random things on @Youtube. Occasionally Tweets about life & Writer of this blog.

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