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I have spent several years navigating the interweb and writing about things that affect me, recently, I have experienced a whole new range of things and become part of new peoples worlds. I’ve decided to share the #NotAlone story with you all.

#NotAlone is an idea, it’s a movement & its a whole new way of thinking, it’s all about inclusivity and understanding but also about educating and sharing a journey. SteJay has, until now been the story of Stevie & I – it’s been a repository of my thoughts & a place for me to share new ideas with you all but now, I am very pleased to welcome you to Sophie

Sophie <3Sophie joins Team SteJay as a new writer and also presenter on the SteJay Channel on YouTube as well as our podcasts which, will be becoming more frequent.

Sophie joins the journey to bring a new (female) dynamic to our productions but also to discuss her life experiences and her journey through depression and anxiety.

Together we aim to show you that depression is a hidden illness a bit like my Aspergers is a hidden disability. In our world, no one should be alone & no one should ever feel like they have no one to talk to, sometimes, Sophie & I talk to each other & sometimes that helps too. One day, we hope we can share those chats with you too!

As it stands there is no schedule of how we will be putting content out or how the whole thing will look but, we honestly believe that a little bit of insight can help make a little bit of positivity go a long way!

So please, be nice to Sophie & enjoy what we post together. You never know, if this series of posts, videos & podcasts helps one person, we will know our mission is accomplished <3

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4 shares, 125 points
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