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I have been an Apple fanboy for many years – recently though I have been put off their mobile devices because of the numerous issues with software and the apparent fragility of their displays, until now.

Apple has released (as everyone already knows), the strikingly beautiful iPhone X 10 year Anniversary Edition, celebrating 10 generations of what is possibly the most advanced phone on the market.

For a couple years now, I have made a point of NOT having an iPhone, in favor of having an Android The Galaxy S6 Edge & more recently the Google Pixel XL has been my go to mobiles. This has mainly been because of the inherent flexibility of Android and the great cameras which both phones packed. The iPhone X appeared and I was stunned!

You’ll notice I have not spoken at all really about the iPhone 8 in this post so far & this is because, being honest, it’s boring, it just looks like an iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus, which is uninteresting because both of those phones just look like the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus so purely on aesthetics, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, don’t really interest me and hence, they do not really have any bearing on my decision to move back to Apple as the manufacturer of my  Mobile Phone & Smart Watch.

Let’s Talk Phone:

So the iPhone X is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also caresses my nerdy nature in a way which very few devices do, FaceID being the coolest element of its new software (iOS11). FaceID works using the new front facing TrueDepth camera which only the iPhone X is equipped with and makes it possible for Apple to completely remove all physical buttons or screen obstructions from the front of their phone.

Apple iPhone X TrueDepth Cameras & upper screen view

The OLED screen which is the first of its kind to appear on an iPhone is impressive with the most immersive blacks and deepest colors of any iPhone yet & with the size of the new screen being proportionately the biggest screen ever put on an iPhone yet, it’s incredible how advanced it really is.

There is a drawback to all this fabulousness though, it’s called the Notch & it is the protruding part with all the sensors and cameras which make the iPhone X’s screen look a little, well, odd. I mean I love the fact that the new screen is edge to edge but having a massive chunk missing from the top status bar is going to be a bit weird and judging from early reports, this notch becomes obstructive within many apps including some which apple has designed specifically for this phone which does seem a bit weird.


With its 30,000 point IR dot projector, IR Flood light & Ultra sensitive True Depth camera, FaceID is the coolest feature after the screen in this new iPhone. & Here is how it works:

Apple iPhone X - Notch Configuration TrueDepth Camera

I have to admit, there is more tech in the top part of this phone than I had anticipated & the fact that this bolsters the security increasing the likelihood from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 1,000,000 that someone is going to be able to get into your phone by chance, the only drawback is that if you’re an identical twin, your sibling WILL be able to unlock your device with ease though, at least according to my research this would also be true of some of the most advanced facial recognition systems in existence since many facial contours and annunciations of extremities are precisely the same in identical siblings.

Apple Watch Series 3 With Cellular Connectivity

Apple Watch Series 3 Product Line

The Apple Watch Series 3 backs a whole new load of punch into its tiny framework from all the features we know and love for controlling your phone and engaging with apps to some new & seriously cool tricks, the Apple Watch Series 3 is not only IP67 Dust & Water resistant but it is also 4G enabled and carries a 4G LTE Only eSIM on board, there is no physical SIM in the device and no phone number (Except for billing purposes). The eSIM can be paired with your EE mobile account allowing you to use your watch where ever you go without your phone (though not recommended unless you actually forget your phone since the 4G part will probably run the battery down – its great in a pinch if you’ve popped to the shops and forgot your phone!)

The Apple Watch Series Three also boasts an upgraded selection of sensors and an upgraded set of chips which claim to be 85 percent faster and 50 percent more power efficient Apple states that the series 3 apple watch will have an average battery life of around 18 hours, which is better than its predecessor but, this does remain to be seen as Apple products are not known for their excellent battery life!

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