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The idea of being a digital tour guide to me, sounds like a job made in heaven, it’s not so much a job, granted but being a Google Local Guides is actually really fun!

The other day I was just browsing the internet as you do, googling local businesses and a little message appeared asking me if I wanted to be a Local Guide, updating information on google maps, posting reviews and photos & generally making sure everything local was right. I thought that sounded pretty cool so I started typing away at few reviews, next thing you know, I am level 4! I have no idea what that actually means but it sounds good, right?

Google Local GuidesI did some digging to try and find out what this local guide thing actually was and it seems to be a sort of gamified way of making sure Google maps is always up to date and has the truest reflection of the businesses, bars, and shops possible with fair reviews and user contributed information.

It seems you gather points and that these points build up giving you varying levels. Like I say, I am currently Level 4 but might need to start again on my other email as the email it’s attached to is not the one I generally use!

It’s a bit of fun, something to do on the bus & maybe it’ll help someone make an informed decision at some point! It’s sort of like TripAdvisor for Google 🙂 check it out!

I did my first review on the new Chinese TakeAway which has opened in town called Harmony – you can see the full review here

You can see the review on Maps for them here

The first thing I learned when starting to write reviews was that it’s important to build a profile that you like within Google before you get started. I have had to tweak my profile quite a bit to suit what I do with SteJay and to ensure that when posting people know it’s us!

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