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Are you looking to get in shape but have no fitness experience? Don't Know your Macro from your treadmill? Look no further SteJay Fit is here to help!

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This post feels a little bit strange, sitting here, in bed thinking about how much I have changed in a very short amount of time and what impact that has had on me as an individual. The first thing I realize is that your probably wondering what on earth has happened to SteJay and why the hell there is health & fitness related stuff suddenly appearing on our site. The short answer is, we have found a new passion!

The long answer is:

A few weeks ago I had a realization that 90% of my friends and associates are really very strong, people who clearly work out & look great for it! Then I realized that, particularly in photos, I don’t look so great. Baggy T-Shirts really aren’t a good look and that being just over 8st was probably not good for a 23-year-old male.

Fitness equipment at The Village GymBy chance, the following day one of the lovely guys from The Village Gym was visiting where I work and invited me to join, I decided that this was a message, something clearly needed to be done & here was an opportunity to start making things happen! So I joined, not knowing the first thing about the gym or really what I wanted to go for, I joined.

So there are a few things going through my mind at this point,

  • I am paying for this so I have to use it
  • I have no idea what I’m doing
  • I don’t know what I’m aiming for
  • Oh, God What have I done?

Shortly after I started doing my research and with the help of several friends, a ton of apps and some recommendations from people I envy for their size, I was finally good to go! Here’s what I did & What works great!

The absolute First Step: Have A fitness Goal.

Decide Commit Succeed | Fitness GoalsIt doesn’t have to be the ultimate goal here, just something you’re aiming for, an idea in your mind of why you’re going to the Gym, what are your fitness goals and how will you know when you’ve achieved them? Without this, your not going to be able to work out what to do at the gym, least of all justify what your spending! Having a goal for me is pretty simple, I want to gain about 2 Stone & gain muscle definition all over. Ultimately, I want to be bigger & stronger (I know, Cliche right?) but I no longer wish to be envying men for their huge pec’s & chiseled abs. I want to be the envy of them!

Measure Your Progress: My Fitness Pal

The next thing I realized is that your probably achieving more than you think when you start going to the gym! You need to have a way to monitor progress & see in front of you where you have come from and how far you have to go! No there are 1000’s of ways of doing this, some people might opt to keep a diary, some might like just to weigh themselves. I opted to do a bit of both. After a lot of Geeky research, I came across an app which allows me to track my calories in versus my calories out as well as monitor my activity level, weight & other data all in one place. MyFitnessPal is an awesome app! its available on iOS & Android & I gotta tell you, it’s super easy to use! Most of the time, you just scan what your eating’s barcode and the app will know all the info it needs to, other times, just type it in and search and again, it knows what the nutrient info is without you having to calculate anything! I use this tracker just because I can see where my gains are & how well I am doing when it comes to hitting my calorie targets etc. Check out the others but, I don’t even pay for the premium version of My Fitness Pal & I love it!

Choose a good Gym!

The Gym Is WaitingNow I am not saying that I am a professional Gym Reviewer or anything like that but, I have been to a couple and lost interest for a number of reasons, one of those is that the gym itself, was rubbish! Generally speaking what I mean by choosing a good gym, is purely circumstantial, I mean I am fortunate enough to have the income to be able to afford to go to a pretty premium gym so for me, a good gym is one with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi & sauna. Preferably one that offers classes and has plenty of space and equipment. I chose The Village because of its convenient location, just around the corner from where I work, combined with the fact that I know that the sort of people who would be inclined to go to this particular gym are not going to be the sort of idiots I’d expect to find on the high street on a Friday night (bonus: no annoying people). Yes, my gym is mainly older people but my friend and I enjoy it, the price is fair for the facilities it offers and the staff is all lovely! All of that put together makes the Village my sort of good gym! If you have one near you, I’d strongly recommend checking theme out 🙂

Food is everything!

food for fitnessSo this one is going to sound crazy for those of you looking to lose weight but it does also apply to you! Eating the right meals in the right proportions at the right time of the day can all make a huge difference to your fitness outlook, not just from a perspective of you have enough protein in your diet but also from an emotional and hormonal level. We all know that exercising in any way puts a lot of strain on your body physically but hormonal and emotional impacts are also present! Choosing a diet which supports your goals is VITAL and not something which I am going to go into too much detail on purely because I am not qualified to give you that kind of advice! Everyone is different but I strongly encourage you to seek proper advice from either your personal Trainer or healthcare professional. I am fortunate enough to have a sports scientist as a friend so I was pretty sorted really! So a big shout out to Dean for hooking me up with an epic plan! (Hopefully, you’ll all be hearing from him in some guest posts real soon)

My Protien Supplementing is an option. There are a number of great supplement companies out there, the one which has come on a recommendation to me & I personally recommend from my personal experience is using my invite code JAY-R2HC for 25% off your first order! us great value and is delivered really quick! They have a massive range and their blog has been instrumental in motivating me to keep going!

So that’s it for this post! I have covered a massive amount here and there is going to be a lot more coming in the future from myself and hopefully a few guest writers all about diet and exercise and how to get fit and stay fit!

Until next time guys,

Don’t be afraid of failure, be afraid of never trying!

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