CWU Annual Conference.

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Sadly, the stream will not embed but – checkout:

As most people will know, it is not usually in SteJays nature to post anything which is remotely political, generally, we tend to avoid the subject owing to the fact that there is a great deal of controversy. It is important to note, SteJay does not actively promote nor associate itself with CWU but, we do think that it has an important role in the Telecoms & Postal industry and we actively encourage the use of unions.

I am in fact employed within the telecoms industry and very proud to be a member of the Union. I do firmly believe that having unions is vital to keeping the telecoms industry a fair and open environment, it’s incredible the amount of opportunity having a union supporting you brings but not only that, being a member of the union gives me massive security. Knowing that if ever I needed, there is someone there to talk with and assist me.

The video here is a broadcast of the union’s national conference. I am not involved in this, nor am I the owner of the stream, I just feel that if people would like, it’s nice to have this linked on our website so our readers can see, what a union does and gain a little insight into how the democratic process of a union works.

if you want to get involved in the debate the CWU have created a hashtag which is #CWU17 – again, not something which I have made or am under any control of, however, some of you might want to get involved in the discussion 🙂

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1 share, 122 points
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