Novotel – Quite possibly the best Chain hotel to stay in when on business or a weekend away!

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I quite simply adore staying with Accor hotels (in the form of Novotel – that is)! I often struggle with hotels because I am autistic, I can find the whole experience quite overwhelming and invasive to my routines and schedules. Being that I travel for work a lot, it’s very important I can settle in the evening time, put my feet up and just relax… 

At Novotel Edinburgh Park, not only can I do that but I can go chill in the steam room, take a swim in the lovely warm pool or take my frustrations out on their excellent gym (all of which is housed in the basement) on the ground floor, the hotel is made up of a large atrium type space. I have never seen this space crowded or overly busy as far as reception is concerned.

Because the Novotel Bar & Restaurant areas lead off this space in an open plan way, it can sometimes be a little loud for an autistic person like me which is one of the very few negatives I will mention in this post because, in truth… its the only one which really exists & there is nothing the hotel can do about it because that is the nature of those areas.

Novotel’s other floors are all very similar and a theme I have noticed throughout is the use of soft and low lighting so there is no risk of shine shock (sudden, unexpected bright lights or too much light can be very bad for me) or anything like that which is another excellent feature the hotel boasts throughout!

Parking is superb at Novotel and there is tonnes of it! You are very unlikely to be unable to find a space and there is lighting and CCTV too so you can rest assured your vehicle is safe! There is a small parking & pickup drop off area at the front of the building and the large main carpark is around the side of the building. 

When you’re all parked & checked in (which you can do on their app if you like) & you’re in your room, you’ll notice you have a great welcome tray of teas and coffees, and a little fridge for your milk. in the wardrobe there is a surprisingly good iron!

On the wall of your room, in front of your very big, super comfy bed, an exceptionally large Samsung Smart TV – sadly it doesn’t have things like Netflix pre-installed but if your an Android user (which I hope you are) you can use screen mirroring from the home menu & I can even run my phones special desktop mode on it & use it as a massive android computer for everything from Youtube & Netflix to checking my email or the weather or even browsing the internet!

You’ll also find the Novotel’s rooms are huge, they have controllable ‘Aircon’ to get the temperature just right and the shower even has a remote control on the wall to make sure you get exactly the pressure & temperature you want (another set of features which help me immensely)!

Overall this hotel is well presented with fabulously lovely staff who will do everything they can to help you out at any time day or night & in my experience, nothing is too much for them! 

I personally will always recommend the Novotel and most of the other Accor Hotels for people with autism & people with neurocognitive conditions because it’s us friendly, it doesn’t shout about it (which it perhaps should) but it is quietly & naturally autism-friendly.

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