A Bright Side Of Autism & Aspergers Syndrome?

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Not everyone thinks theres a bright side of autism & Aspergers Syndrome. I find my condition to be something which actually has perks as well as downsides! 

If you’ve read any of the other posts in my Autism Series you will know that recently, I made the decision to start writing a selection of posts all to do with Autism & Aspergers. Until now these posts have all focused on challenges arising from the condition. Today I am going to tell you about the bright side of Autism & Aspergers. 

Its Not All Bad!

Like I say, there is a bright side to Autism & Aspergers Syndrome. For Example, I am exceptionally good at problem solving & abstract thought. If you give me a practical problem, I am likely to be able to solve it! I’ve always attributed my unique logical approach to my Autism it makes me see things differently & without emotional connection. This makes it much easier to be objective when solving issues. Don’t get me wrong, I can still be frustrated at problems, I just don’t feel that frustration like most would.  

I find it insanely easy to learn new skills!

my brain works a bit like a sponge! If you show me how to do something once, I probably won’t forget it! Many of my managers have leveraged this for good, a couple, sadly not so much. But this is a feel good article not a downer 🙂 so more on that another time!

I don’t Dream.

To me, the idea of dreaming is pretty terrifying from how people describe it! I have never dreamt when sleeping, I find myself unconsciously thinking solving problems from the day just gone. I often wake with new solutions to past issues. A perspective I hadn’t thought of or a new project ready to be started! 

I see things differently! 

The world in my eyes is a pretty weird place, I don’t fully understand any of it. I just interact with the bits of it I do & tend to avoid the other things. Imagine everything you know being warm and fuzzy & just something thats easy to approach. Now imagine everything you’ve never seen before burning, emblazoned with spikes & and generally making you feel uncomfortable from the core of your existence. That’s my world, well kinda. It means I can look at something you see every day & see something you’ve never seen before, sometimes, that alone is the highlight of my day.

The Magic Of Christmas!

Don’t panic! I know Santa isn’t real! That not what I am trying to get at here, although my capacity to feel things like sadness, anger, fear, love & all the other emotions is seriously warped, I still get excited for Christmas! I’ve embraced excitement as one of probably only 2 or 3 emotions I fully understand & experience as you might but, perhaps because I only have a couple, I experience them on a level way beyond that of someone who doesn’t have Autism Or Aspergers. It’s brilliant! It’s one of the few times in the year I just know how I feel and how I am supposed to feel! 

I Embrace Who You Are!

Growing up was complicated! I had to learn how to control what was a very confused mind. Understand why I was the way I was & learn my identity. Over time, I’ve fully embraced being a Gay, Autistic, Geek & I LOVE IT! I belong to one of the kindest & most beautiful communities in the world!

The Gay community, for the longest time has had a degree of stigma cast over it & so have mental disabilities like mine. Interestingly I’ve always found that Gay people are slightly more receptive of me, possibly because I am Gay, possibly because they have experienced the stigma in a different form & now, no matter who you are, the LGBTQ+ community is there for you. 

Regardless, I don’t have any real capacity to develop bias against anyone. I base my opinion of people and things on evidence & logic. So irrespective of your limitations, your background, your story, I will only judge you on your actions & their consequences. A beautiful trait which I do my best to rub off on everyone I meet. 

Analyze everything! 

One of the consequences of having an Autistic mind & the last thing I will talk about today is my auto analysis of everything and everyone around me. Think Sherlock and then strip out the crime busting capabilities – thats how it works! Every time I go anywhere I can hear all the conversations around me. I see all the finite details in all the surfaces and structures & I assess the smells I encounter. I then form an archive of various compilations which I use to navigate conversation, cities & interaction. This analysis is subconscious and virtually instant. It forms the basis of my ‘risk assessments’ which happen every time I see, hear or do something new. 

This an overview of some of the things I find fabulous about who I am. I have never really seen my issues as being barriers to being me, they just guide and manipulate the path to ensure self preservation. 

This is my bright-side, remember, autism is a unique experience for everyone who has it. What I find brilliant, someone you know might see as their biggest challenge! Please start a conversation & get to know us, don’t just assume your helping us.

Until Next Time…
#BeYou x

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