Working With Autism | An Aspie’s View on the World of Work

Entering the world of work with an autism spectrum disorder like Aspergers Syndrome can be pretty daunting, especially when you start thinking about all the new sights, sounds, experiences, smells & people your going to encounter! I have learned, over time and several jobs some of the do's and don'ts, not just for people with an ASD but for the people looking to employ us! 1 min

Recently, it’s become apparent that people are really ready to talk, learn and discuss candidly about their autism & how working with autism or autistic spectrum disorders can be achieved. It’s been my opinion for a long time that I am the sum of my experiences. NOT the definition of my condition. I want to share my mindset, ideas, thoughts & general experiences with you here on SteJay.

I have decided to begin the process of writing a number of features about various factors which effect my everyday activities. From working to socialising. There are a number of intricate differences between how I perceive and manage the world around me and my interaction with it,compared to how someone without an ASD might.

It’s super important to remember that when reading the articles or watching the videos to follow, they are my experiences. They are specific to my condition, just because I see or experience something one way, that doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t. I’m not qualified to explain all the details of Autism to you but, over the course of the coming weeks, I hope to give you a better idea of my story & how you might be able to help!

This whole series has been inspired by International People with Disabilities Day which happened on Monday. Where I work we are establishing a disabled people’s network to advocate. Providing advice and support for people with both visible and invisible disabilities. We got really involved with that event! Writing blogs, lighting our head office purple & really celebrating our ability rather than focusing on our disability.

I am really looking forward to sharing these posts with you! If you’ve not already… Find me on Twitter @SteJaySocial or search me on Facebook /SteJaySocial and I’ll post each time another episode is out!

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