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Stack Newcastle actively discriminated against me based upon my appearence. I will probably never go there now.1 min

As a well known and respected member of society who has never been in trouble with the law, I also happen to be a blogger who doesn’t take kindly to poor service and baseless discrimination. As a result of that I find myself writing this post about Stack Newcastle.

This evening, following a rather unfortunate experience at the Fat Buddha which can only be described as underwhelming. We decided to take a walk to the new Newcastle city centre attraction called Stack.

Before I get too far into things, I would like to point out that this almost Tetris like construction comprising solely of shipping containers is actually a really cool and quite exciting idea to me, it adds a cosmopolitan & modern edge to a corner of the city which has long been in need of something new and exciting. That being said, my first experience was less than perfect!

After work, Stevie (my partner) wanted to show me Stack Newcastle quite excited we walked up past the old police station & from the junction you get a sense of how big it is. Walking towards it Ste and I are discussing what’s inside it (he’d been earlier in the day and had a look around before I finished work). As we got to the arch which leads into the courtyard one of the several Phoenix Security guards stops me and to my suprise tells me “You can’t wear tracksuit bottoms here”!

I start to think to myself what on earth are they trying to say?! I have a well paid job as does my partner, we work very hard & have never encountered such a situation. I fail to understand why my want to be comfortable at work and then take a look at something afterwards disqualifies me from visiting this place.

I am, surfise to say, quite offended at the fact that these people had absolutely no interest in my intentions, who I was, my age but where solely interested in the way I looked.

Well done Stack Newcastle / Phoenix Security (interestingly both owned by Danieli Holdings). You have just managed to not only annoy & offend me but also exclude and entire demographic from your ‘venue’.

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